Visual Content Creator


Simple capture of products in a studio environment can make all the difference to your business. 


It’s always fun to play around with lighting and making dynamic shapes or textures, any excuse to tinker with new materials

Perfectly captured reflective surfaces

Shiny or reflective surfaces shot to look clean and evenly lit. 

Knowledge Base

Photography Degree

6+ Year Lightroom

10+ Years Photoshop


Capture One & Leaf Capture



Location shoots

Portable setups

About Me

I was born in England, in the United Kingdom and grew up on the outskirts of London.  I have a passion for creative media so I studied photography, graphics and art. Aiming to pin down my creative outlet, I  attained a Bachelors Degree with Honours in Photography.

Upon completing my studies, I went on to work for Bonhams Auctioneers. As a catalogue production photographer, I then grew and developed my passion further. Throughout my time at Bonhams, I learned a lot of technical and lighting skills. Furthermore,  I also developed skills in the fundamentals of successfully creating content suitable for catalogue and print media.
After over two years at Bonhams, I left the role, and England in 2014. My goal was to acquire residency in overseas, which has lead me to live and work in Australia for two years before continuing my mission in Auckland, New Zealand.
Now, I work on a freelance bases for my clients producing high-end clean beautiful photography from the start to finish. I love seeing my work online or in printed catalogues and books, where my attention to detail pays off. I’m a sucker for anything splashed on glossy paper, and don’t get me started on billboards!
But that’s’ enough of that, I’m sure you want to dig in – after all that’s why you are here, isn’t it? Want to see some before and after shots of my final images? Sure thing, just check the menu.
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Mount Roskill, Auckland